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‘I’ve never been!!’.

Okay this woman is pretty much me plus eleven years. Except she’s off and doing what I’d still love to do! For those who haven’t found her yet, she’s incredibly creative and adventurous. Check out her blog as soon as you get a chance.

Perhaps this would be an appropriate time to mention that I’ve decided to apply for an MLitt program in Glasgow that begins next September. My heart is in medicine still, but I love to write and at twenty-one, I’m no longer sure that I’m one-hundred-percent ready to launch into a career. This program I’m applying for is twelve months in length and requires residency in Scotland (somewhere I’ve always wanted to go–family heritage and all–but I’ve been absolutely dying to visit since reading Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander….Which is a must read for anyone who enjoys very accurate historical fiction, brilliant romance, and a dabble of the darker stuff like torture and truly heart-wrenching loss). To say that I’m excited would be an enormous understatement but I’ve got to be accepted first and if I am also accepted to medical school for next term, I also have to be approved for deferral.

Anyway, check in with LivingtheScottishDream. Enjoy her photography and a personal taste of another region of the world.