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There’s something about being a post baccalaureate student which inspires certain conflicting feelings. I’m sitting at a coffee shop (an independent store–not Starbucks or any other chain), writing for a blog, drinking tea for once, and surrounded by my own swarm of apple products and other *insert mocking tone* “necessities.”
I feel like I ought to have a cigarette. I don’t smoke, but for some reason a Marlboro Light or an American Spirit just sounds appropriate. I’m not sure when I started channeling my inner hipster. She’s been piping up lately, dressed in flannel and academia, although so far I haven’t let slip a, “You’ve probably never heard of this.”
I know that the hipster style isn’t nearly as trendy as it was six months ago but I can’t help myself! I find the mentality…dare I say…relatable. It’s not about the anti-conformity buzz, the alternative lifestyle, or the down-with-big-business rallying point. I’m none of these things. What I am is inexplicably excited that hipsters made being nerdy cool. Imagine! Now my peers want to discuss nutrition, American nonfiction literature, and political conflicts abroad. I spent years in high school getting laughed at and teased because words like “vernacular” are normal to me, but now, it suddenly seems to be a selling point.
What do you find attractive in a companion? I would never claim that superficiality has been laid to rest (it hasn’t) but in this moment, maybe people will see someone’s mind as sexy and not just their figure. As far as I’m concerned, this trend is welcome to its full and glorious ride.