Sarah Chang Foster

For those of you who are familiar with National Novel Writing Month, then you will understand why this blog came into being. Everyone else, please feel free to google this awesome program.

My name is Sarah, I’m a twenty-one-year-old recent college graduate participating in my first ever NaNoWriMo. This past May I moved from my tiny college town of Gunnison to the urban sprawl of Denver. I did this for two reasons: the first was to following up on a job in the medical field that became available to me shortly before the end of term; the second was in order to improve my resume and job experience to strengthen my medical school applications. Yes, through a combination of tedious work and good fortune I hope to matriculate into medical school in the fall of 2013–preferably into an institution with a track in place for students interested in practicing rural medicine.

With my ultimate career path now identified (and I’m happy to discuss more in the future), I think it would be appropriate to add that I only graduated with a minor in biology. My official undergraduate degree is in English with an emphasis in Creative Writing. Random you might be thinking? But then, how frequently are some of our greatest passions blatantly logical. I chose this program because medical schools eat up the diversity and because I love, and I mean LOVE to write. My academic training included traditional and new reformative verse, extended narrative nonfiction, and fictional prose.

Now we return to NaNoWriMo. My hope is that by tapping into an online community I may create a greater sense of accountability within myself to adhere to. I would also be committing a lie of omission if I didn’t admit that I also hope to begin building a basis of loyal readers along the way. But as I thought more about what I would like to read in such a blog, it became clear to me that without including the work of other authors I would be doing myself and my readers a great injustice. I very recently came into contact with a newly published author in the UK and hers is the first work to which I hope to bring greater attention. You may therefore expect from me, readers, features on new books, my personal critique of some, interviews and discussions with different bloggers and authors, guest posts from others in the industry, and of course original works from me as well.

If I have overlooked what you consider to be a crucial component, please let me know and I’d be happy to rectify the situation. Hopefully I have now prefaced with an adequate introduction.

I look forward to hearing about what interests each of you: what books you have enjoyed, what you like to write if you do, your opinions on anything from your favorite type of pie to whether or not you follow local sports teams. (Broncos and Av’s fan right here by the way! Love football and played ice hockey in college)

Cheers new friends, and happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Sarah Chang Foster”

  1. This is awkward….are you the girl from Grappler’s Edge? If so I have seen you there several times. I included my email address below if you are. I’m very curious now.

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